Steps in Use Case: Unconditional Social Cash Transfer
Use Case Step: Outreach Communications


Staff from the Ministry of Social Welfare or another leading agency / organization organizes an information campaign to inform about a social assistance programme aimed at potential target population / beneficiary group(s) and implemented via predefined approaches and partners. The campaign is conveyed via mobile messaging and/or aired on national radio/television, while a more capillary village to village campaign is performed by district / local social welfare officers. Outreach communication is intensive during the kick-off phase of the new programme, but also requires ongoing touchpoints and additional information sharing, e.g. on grievance procedures, rights and responsibilities, behavioural change communication, etc.


The following are contextual workflows where the generic transactions support:

  • Client communication to facilitate the spreading of programme awareness for target audience and encouraging enrolment via mobile / media channel(s)
  • Client education for educating potential target beneficiaries around the approach and objective(s), benefit(s), constraint(s), partner(s), etc. of the programme
  • Content management for the backend Social Welfare staff to populate relevant educational and promotional content that local officers can use during on-the-ground outreach campaigns
  • Identification and Registration (with aid of geographic information services tool for potential use) in mapping and locating households and individuals for outreach target

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