Steps in Use Case: Unconditional Social Cash Transfer
Use Case Step: Ongoing M&E


Central level managers and local social welfare officers base decisions and management choices (e.g. where to conduct add-on training, re-registration camps, where to prioritise budget, etc.) on up-to-date data on the programme/s (e.g. who receives what, when, what areas are performing better, etc). Note that countries that do this effectively ensure programme BOMS data is connected / integrated via an Integrated Beneficiary Registry* and develop effective reporting functions, including GIS enabled spatial reporting.

*This is a Registry that integrates data across existing Beneficiary registries and their associated BOMS to give an overview of who is receiving what across programmes.


The following are contextual workflows where the generic transactions support:

  • Client Case Management for ongoing monitoring and tracking of client performance, and integration to other registries for holistic view and reporting
  • Identification and Registration (with aid of geographic information services tool for potential use) in tracking / locating areas in relation to level of activities and adherence, or client household location
  • Data Analysis and Business Intelligence / Decision Support / Data Collection and Reporting to analyze, update, and report programme output / performance information 

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