Steps in Use Case: Rural Advisory Service for Farmers
Use Case Step: Registering to the Rural Advisory Service


Pendo visits the mobile network operator reseller and sees a large poster advertising the advisory service. The sales person tells her that the Rural Advisory Service is free, and she only needs to subscribe to the mobile network operator before she can avail the services. Pendo buys a SIM card and then activates the Rural Advisory Service by dialling USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) code (*123*#). She immediately receives a message that she has been successfully registered to the Rural Advisory Service.


The following are some generic transactions to facilitate this step:

  • Using digital service (USSD, IVRS, SMS or Mobile App) users registers themselves in Rural Advisory Service (RAS)


The following are contextual workflows where the generic transactions support:

  • Subscription to RAS via an Identification and Registration workflow happens when users enacts a digital action (e.g. dial an USSD code or download a mobile app) to subscribe to the service. Subscription can be open (without any pre-authorisation or ID) or closed loop (only those having pre-authorisation, such as a registration token)

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