Steps in Use Case: Rural Advisory Service for Farmers
Use Case Step: Information Dissemination & Tele-consultation


Since Pendo has subscribed to the rural advisory service, she receives five SMSs every week regarding the crops of her choice. Pendo also sometime calls up a toll free number provided by the operators, where she can listen to local language audio clips of the messages sent to her in last fifteen days. This way Pendo has learned about fall armyworm and many different ways by which she can protect her crop from this pest. Pendo sometimes calls a Helpline, which is also operated by the mobile operator. The helpline connects her to the experts from university and government agriculture department, who helps her to understand better and clarifies her doubt.


The following are some generic transactions to facilitate this step:

  • Subscribers of RAS receives information through digital media such as mobile phones
  • Subscribers of RAS interacts with content providers (e.g. agriculture experts) using digital channels (e.g. mobile helpline, personal messengers etc.)"


The following are contextual workflows where the generic transactions support:

  • Information Dissemination via a Client Communication workflow delivers digital information (or content) to the target audience through various digital channels such as mobile phone, web, IVRS etc. and facilitate real-time exchange of information between service consumers (e.g. farmers) and service providers (e.g. agriculture experts)

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