Steps in Use Case: Rural Advisory Service for Farmers
Use Case Step: Awareness Program on Rural Advisory


Pendo hears in a radio program about a new program initiated by government to support farmers in fighting this new crop pest named fall armyworm, which is causing high loss of maize and other cereal crops. After hearing the news, Pendo regained hope and wanted to know more about this service. She asks the agriculture advisor of the village and he informs that there are two services; a Mobile App, which can be downloaded from an App Store for free, but she would need a Smartphone to use the app.

There is another service, which is a SMS & Voice based advisory service, available to the subscribers of a particular Mobile Network Operator. Since Pendo did not have a smartphone, she wanted to try the service offered by the mobile operator.


The following are some generic transactions to facilitate this step:

  • Information about rural advisory services is promoted using digital media such as radio
  • Subscribers can download a mobile app from an online repository (e.g. App Store)


The following are contextual workflows where the generic transactions support:

  • Users need to be aware about how to access and subscribe (such as Google Playstore or Mobile Value Added Service by telecom operators) to use Rural Advisory service via a Client Communication workflow

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