Steps in Use Case: Remote Learning
Use Case Step: Recognition of the problem


Forty-five-year-old Cherifa feels very frustrated as she tries to make sense of the words on her cell phone screen. She knows the message has something to do with a looming disaster, but she doesn’t know exactly what it says. She hates that she cannot read or write in Hausa or French. It is a hot, dry day, and the onion crop on her 3.5-hectare farm in Zinder, a city in the southern part of Niger, is growing slowly. It has not rained for a long time, and Cherifa wonders if the message on her cell phone is about the possibility that they are facing yet another drought. This makes her worry and wish she could understand the message. 


The following are contextual workflows that provide different areas of support to this use case step:

  • Client communication for providing early warning awareness about farming conditions to reach adult farmers, and also for providing relevant information to inform farmers about weather patterns and farming; this also triggers Cherifa’s interest in learning how to read
  • Content management provides relevant, timely content to users

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