Steps in Use Case: Remote Learning
Use Case Step: Digital badge


When she completes all six modules, Cherifa is sent a digital badge that confirms her successful completion of the course. She receives alerts about follow-up literacy coursesshe could take that are also available in Hausa and is encouraged to keep learning. Cherifa can now recognize the word onion in Hausa on her cell phone. She can understand how much her products are selling for on the market each week. This helps her negotiate a good price every time she goes to the market. Cherifa realizes that learning how to read makes her better at selling her products and improves her livelihood.


The following are contextual workflows that provide different areas of support to this use case step:

  • Identification and registration workflow for validating user access to the content management system
  • Client education workflow for coordinating the completion of the course and enabling access to further learning courses to encourage lifelong learning

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