Steps in Use Case: Remote Learning
Use Case Step: Registering for the literacy course


Cherifa’s son Amadou downloads the I Can Read app that was developed by Girl Geeks, a technology company partnering with the Niger Literacy Trust, the MNFE and West African Aid, a donor organization. The app is hosted on a server based in Niamey, the capital city. As a user, Cherifa communicates with the server, which keeps track of all the information she supplies. The server also communicates data to Cherifa, including changes that are made to the app. The app has a strong backend system, which means that if there are any breakdowns or challenges, they can be addressed immediately. Amadou registers Cherifa on the app and shows her how to log in using an ID and password whenever she wants to use the app. After Cherifa logs in, she is asked to create a profile. Unsure what to do, she asks Amadou for help. He creates her profile, and the built-in GPS on her mobile phone automatically captures her location data so the app can provide location-based services.


The following are contextual workflows that provide different areas of support to this use case step:

  • Identification and registration to register Cherifa in the literacy program
  • Client education to provide relevant, timely content in the form of a mobile app where user information and use can be tracked
  • Identification and registration for validating user access to the content management system
  • Client case management WorkFlow for enabling Cherifa to access the mobile app from the content management system

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