Steps in Use Case: Remote Learning
Use Case Step: Awareness about a mobile learning app


Cherifa owns her own Itel cell phone with a pay-as-you-go subscription with Orange, which includes an affordable data package. When her son Amadou arrives home, she asks him to read the two SMS messages that she has received. The first one is indeed a warning about another impending drought and the need to save water. The second is from the Ministry of Non-Formal Education (MNFE), which is supporting a literacy programme called the I Can Read project run by the Niger Literacy Trust, a local NGO. The programme, aimed at adults who want to learn how to read and write, uses a mobile literacy app to teach people how to read. The NGO is hosting classes once a week in Zinder for interested participants. This makes Cherifa very happy, and she decides that she wants to participate.


The following are contextual workflows that provide different areas of support to this use case step:

  • Client communication for raising awareness about upcoming literacy classes, and for providing relevant information about the literacy classes and app
  • Client education providing relevant, timely content to users via a mobile literacy app

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