Steps in Use Case: Postpartum and Infant Care
Use Case Step: Sona registers Sowmya in MCTS


Sona registers Sowmya’s child’s name, address and birth certificate, and Sowmya’s name, phone number and ID as the caretaker of the child into the MCTS system, which automatically validates the birth certificate and Sowmya’s ID with the government’s citizen records system. Sowmya creates an online account for records associated with the mother and child care community program. Sowmya also generates a barcoded unique ID card for getting further assistance. Sowmya’s mobile phone number to her ID and enables permissions for Sona to electronically coordinate various services for Sowmya.


The following are generic transactions that facilitate this step:

  1. Identity registration, including enrollment and validation where the mobile client for national ID system is used to register and validate new unique identifier and linked to a barcode
  2. Submitting enrollment details, including identifier, to client case management system, where the mobile client for mother and child care system, submits enrollment details and the newly issued unique ID to the central mother and child care system, which authenticates the ID with the national ID system and creates a new record for the mother and child


The following are contextual workflows where the generic transactions support:

  • Identification and registration for registering Sowmya and her child in the system and enabling permissions for interaction with MCTS
  • Client case management for creating EHRs for Sowmya and giving Sona permission to use EHRs to coordinate with various service providers that Sowmya may need

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