Steps in Use Case: Market Linkage
Use Case Step: Financial Transaction from buyer to farmer in Farmers’ Digital Marketplace


Raghu requests the Buyer to pay him against the purchase contract for the product. Buyer uses Payment Service to authorise the bank to pay Raghu against the warehouse receipt. A SMS is sent to the selected warehouse informing them of the incoming consignment along with a payment authentication code, which has to be shared with the Buyer when the goods are delivered at warehouse. Another SMS goes to Raghu informing the remittance and a delivery authentication code which has to be shared with warehouse to identify the incoming consignment. The money is deposited in to an Escrow Account managed by a Financial Service provider, which holds the final remittance to Raghu till the physical deliver happens successfully.


The following are some generic transactions to facilitate this step:

  1. Buyer agrees to pay to Raghu for the goods against warehouse receipt
  2. Raghu obtains Warehouse Receipt
  3. Raghu receives payment


The following are contextual workflows where the generic transactions support:

  • After the procurement and buyer-seller negotiation, financial transaction via a Financial Services workflow happens between buyer and seller in order to conclude the buy-sale process

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