Steps in Use Case: Market Linkage
Use Case Step: Creating Profile in the Famers’ Digital Marketplace


Raghu installs the Mobile Application in his phone and login using the user ID and password received. After installation of the mobile app in his smartphone, Raghu creates his profile in the digital marketplace. The built-in GPS in the mobile automatically captures the location data and so as to provide location based services.


The following are some generic transactions to facilitate this step:

  1. After registration Raghu creates profile in the marketplace
  2. His profile data is stored
  3. His location is captured, which is used for suggesting him localisation based services


The following are contextual workflows where the generic transactions support:

  • Users of marketplace need to create their profiles via a Client Case Management workflow in the marketplace in order to facilitate business transactions (e.g. whether a user is a farmer or a agribusiness)

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