Steps in Use Case: Market Linkage
Use Case Step: “Sell” Transaction in the Farmers’ Digital Marketplace


Raghu had a good harvest and wants to sell his crop to buyers directly so that he get better price than the local markets. In the marketplace application there is information about prevailing market price at different markets listed basis the distance from Raghu’s location, expected arrivals (based upon number of other farmers and volume) and other factors.  Raghu finds some buyers who are paying better price. He decides to sell to one of these buyers and contacts a few buyers in one of the markets. After price negotiation, he finalises deal with one buyer. The buyer authenticates Raghu’s identity obtains a quality assurance report that evaluates various data points such as Raghu’s farm location, weather, seeds used etc. to provide an estimate that whether the crop produced at Raghu’s farm would be of good quality. Buyer locates a warehouse near Raghu’s location executes a purchase contract where Raghu to deliver the goods to the warehouse and obtain a Warehouse Receipt, based on which the buyer will remit payment.


The following are some generic transactions to facilitate this step:

  1. Raghu searches for buyers of his agro-produce (crop)
  2. Raghu identifies prospective buyers and negotiate transactional terms and conditions


The following are contextual workflows where the generic transactions support:

  • Buyers and sellers in the marketplace procure via a Procurement workflow the goods and services from each other by negotiating transactional terms and conditions (e.g. price, delivery time etc.)

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